Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development [CARD] established on 9th August 2008 under Societies Registration Act 1860 and Trust Act 1950. An organization is also registered under Income Tax Act of 1961 under 12A and 80G registrations. Organization is also registered FCRA 2010 under Ministy of Home Affairs, on NITI Aayog portal of central government. Global Unique id registration with BRIDGE. CARD is an active member of AFARM,Pune and Vibha Vani, Delhi. a renowned institutions working in development sector. CARD has actively worked with prominent partner organizations like Jansathi Drought Relief Network Maharashtra with Dnyanjyoti Gramin Vikas Mandal (DSO) has played an active role in supporting various government initiatives in order to bring justice to the marginalized population of rural Maharashtra, especially in Marathwada & Vidarbha region which is a drought prone area.

    Since 2008, Organizations has achieved to make a big difference in the lives of rural population focusing on marginal farmers, women, children and youth in developing their life circumstances and creating a big impact to achieve alternative development in various aspects of life.

    Organization has achieved to connect 5000 marginal farmers with the various government schemes like seed distribution, financial assistance, credit linkages and other such social securities schemes for women, senior citizens and school going children and youth for scholarships etc.

    CARD while doing such developmental activities has evolved an institution and playing a catalyst role in mobilizing grassroots organizations and has played a big role in capacity building and creating impact on scale in rural area with the help of Jansathi Drought Relief Network of grassroots organization (Village Level Organization) which is organized by Sankruti Sanvardhan Mandal,Dilasa Dnyanjyoti and organization which was supported by CARING FRIENDS, an active social organization.


    The government's lockdown as a concern for the lives of the people, the lockdown has caused great loss to the families who have a hand in the stomach. On this occasion, free rice and cheap wheat are being provided by the government through cheap grain shops. However, in a situation where it is not possible to buy other cooking utensils from the grocery store, the CARD surveyed the families in Jalna city and rural areas who do not have ration cards and even the poorest and wage earning families who are in dire need of groceries. By selecting 500 such needy families, they responded to the call for CARD burning only on mobile conversations and provided groceries of necessities to 500 families.

    For this, on behalf of Syngenta India Ltd., Nav Nirman Education and Information Services, Youth Rural Association Nagpur, UPL Advanta Seeds Company,East West Company CARD Jalna distributed groceries to 500 needy families. Principal of Mahatma Phule College of Social Work Dr. Sarjerao Kahale,Principal of Jalna Social Work Collage Dr.Rajkumar Mhaske,Prof. Dr. Deepak Buktare, Police Patil Ramkisan Mutkule,Sarpanch Ratan Kumar Naik, Ramlal Chavan, Lahu Gadhe, Deputy Editor of Dainik Divya Marathi, Prof.Suvarna Dandge, President of CARD, Journalist Shivaji Borde, CARD’s Vice President Prof. Dr. Ramdas Nihal, Secretary Pushkaraj Tayde at the hands of CARD Office Satkar Complex Jalna, Rajur, Chanegaon,Tupewadi,Dagadwadi,Papal,Jafrbad, Kinhi Pawar, Deulgaon Raja, Lonar and Nanded. The groceries have been distributed to 500 families here, said Pushkaraj Tayde, secretary of CARD institutions.

    Each kit contains groceries costing Rs.600/- and contains 5 Kg Wheat floor, 1 liter oil, 1Kg dal, 100 grams spices, 100 grams turmeric powder, 1 kg salt, 1 kg sugar, 100 g tea leaves, 1 kg pohe soap, sanitizer, 1Kg detergent powder etc. Because of this, if someone comes out of the house for 15 days, then there will be no victim of corona infection. Besides, it is a risk that we prepare food and distribute it every day. There is no denying that you can become corona positive if you accidentally come in contact with an infected person.In addition, the government has started a lockdown. So the items are given. To the 200 police have been provided with safety equipment including N95 masks, face shields, sanitizers, gloves, surgery masks by UPL Advanta Seeds Company at a cost of Rs 400 while free meals for 1300 migrants have been provided by CoAST, FES.

    Disclaimer: This information has been given by Pushkaraj Tayde, Secretary of CARD Institutions. Rohan Magare, Arpana Kharat, Maya Ghorpade, Deepali Pohkar,Bhart Kharat,Kailash Dandge,Sharad Dandge,Vanita Pimple, Rekha Gumladu and Shubham Sabne worked hard on this occasion.


    Families received grocery kit.


    Free meals distributed to migrants.


    Safety equipment given to the police force.


    As a responsible non - governmental organization we shall strive to be transparent, accountable and responsive.

    We value and encourage diversity and will not discriminate against anyone.

    We shall ensure that we have a dedicated, loyal, results-oriented, voluntary and people-focused workforce.


    • Integrity
    • Diligence
    • Honesty
    • People focused Accountability
    • Transparency
    • Diversity
    • Compassion


    Establishment of 2 free libraries from Syngenta and CARD so that students from two schools of Zilla Parishad can study various subjects under one umbrella

    Jalna Day 11, Corporate Social Responsibility Year 2020-21 on behalf of Syngenta India Limited Aurangabad and Center for Agriculture and Rural Development (CARD), Jalna  A free library was started at Sawangi Tekale, Ta. Deulgaon Raja, Zilla Parishad Marathi High Primary School, Wadgaon Tejan, Ta Lonar, dist Buldhana.  The library has been provided with 500 books each, two schools with a total of 14 reading tables, 28 benches, 4 bookshelves, 4 open racks, 4 separate stands and chairs for the librarian, 4 stands for keeping slippers and minor repairs and coloring of the room. The library has just been inaugurated on March 31 and April 5. On this occasion, Syngenta India Limited officers Sandeep Kardale, Yogesh Sonawane, Sushil Lipane, Pramod Wakde, Anita Mapari, Sideshwar Vayal along with Block Education Officer Dadarao Masudwale, Education Extension Officer V.L.Rajguru,CARD Secretary Pushkaraj Tayde was the chief guest.Furniture and books donated for the library were handed over to the principals Vijay Kharde and Ramesh Jadhav.